School of Management & Computer Applications
K C Institute of Management is the most preferred and innovative Institute affiliated to Himachal Pradesh Technical University, Hamirpur established by the KC group of institutions founded by Chairman Mr. Prem Pal Gandhi. The Institute has a pledge to nurture intellectual asset to feed the requirements of the world corporate giants and industrial establishments. The major objective of the school is to strive for modernization and ability to master to the changing corporate priorities. The Institute has a highly qualified and experienced faculty. The campus is designed with state of the art infrastructure with modern lecture theatres, air conditioned conference halls, air conditioned computer labs, library etc. all located amidst lush green lawns. The institute is approved by A.I.C.T.E and is affiliated to Himachal Pradesh Technical University, Hamirpur. Among the many facilities available for the students are separate modern hostels for boys and girls with independent dinning halls and common rooms, hundred station gyms for boys, Wi-Fi environment, fleet of buses playing regularly connecting all major destinations around, full-fledged campus security. Dr. Rashmi Nagar Gujrati is the principal of the college.


It will be a decade of education with imagination. There will be emphasis on enhancing the Intellectual Capital of the institute. This will benefit students and faculty members and will greatly contribute to the future prospects of our state and country in turn

Towards this the institute will:
1-Target to attract high-achieving students at all levels.
2-Undergraduate, Post graduate-retain and attract high-quality researchers as faculty.
3-Initiate programmes to continuously enhance the Intellectual Capital of the faculty members.
4-Endeavour to become a recognized center of high level technological research and learning in the country.


The mission of KCIM will be to provide every opportunity for each student to attain the best of their capabilities and create in them the desire to excel. The seeds for the craving for excellence would be sown in the minds of the students as soon as they enter the portals of the KCIM Thus KCIM will act as a catalyst in creating excellence in technical education. The reach for excellence would also ensure fin our mission to serve the society by producing dedicated professionals with appropriate knowledge and skills capable of providing imaginative and technologically informed solutions to industry, academia and other professions.

Quality Policy

The quality policy of the Institute is to achieve the highest standards in all the things we are associated with - be it academics, research, industry- academia interactions, seminars and publications.

This is achieved by:
• Implementing quality systems and processes - with provision for constructive feedback and continuous improvements
• Networking with leading business, industry and research organizations at National & International level
• Fostering culture for idea generation and making innovation work
• Being consistent and reliable in all our systems and processes
• Providing excellent infrastructure and basic amenities- conducive for teaching, research and industrial applications.

Aspiring and working towards making the institution an “Institution of Excellence” and benchmark for others to follow

Salient Features

  • Free Laptop
  • Diploma in foreign language (French)
  • Excellent Hostel facilities separately for Boys & Girls
  • Air Conditioned Library
  • Team Building and conflicts management
  • Interpersonal skills & corporate communication


"What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child".

The mission to promote excellence in the field of managemnet education and to prepare managers the new millennium, K.C.institute of Management has established itself as leading Professional Management Institute.

Life is full of challenges and opportunities. However, to unearth such opportunites and to be capable of facing the challenges of dynamic global environment, one needs to think creatively and innovatively. Management education at KCIM surely fosters professional, intellectual and personal development that helps an individual to think an innovative and creative manner.

Academic environment, intellectual capital, physical infrastructure, industry interface - placement, and career oriented education are some of the important dimensions of the quality of a management institute. KCIM is known for all the above qualities. Students - the major stakeholders are always at the center of the institute's management. At KCIM, our faculty, industry experts, staff, students and the alumni are committed to the institute's core values and guiding principles. We uphold integrity, credibility and commitments in all our dealings. As new perspectives continue to emerge in the global environment, our course curriculum and electives are highly responsive and flexible, reflecting the problems and issues most relevant in business today and tomorrow.

Our emphasis is on innovative learning which we achieve by unique teaching and value imparting style. It encompasses the conceptual inputs and hands-on approach to business issues. It is further complimented by industry and social initiative interventions which enrich a student to the level of shaping him/her into an ideal citizen.

We, at KCIM , ensures that the highest standards of technical education are achieved and maintained and for that we provide professional environment with the emphasis on total personality development and value addition in the students and the correct assimilation of moral and human values. Main focus in our institute is on the quality education. We believe in three tier development simultaneously i.e. Personality, Knowledge, Wisdom and moral values. We have adopted such a teaching pedagogy that the management and technical students who enter the industry, are equipped with skills and specialized knowledge enabling them to step forward in their careers. Our system of education is career oriented. The value addition courses are incorporated along with development of communication skills to meet the industry requirements

We are looking for the students with the highest standards of integrity and respect for others, having personal responsibility, possessing an appetite for hard work, and who understand that learning at KCIM is a privilege.

It is my great pleasure and honour to invite you to join the KCIM family for a memorable journey of quality education, training and learning that will open for you excellent career prospects in emerging areas of Management,



Co-curricular activities play an important role in the life of students and they keep themselves engaged in a host of such activities. Sports and cultural activities are also part and parcel of the campus life. Details of these activities are as under:

Games and Sports:

Sports meet is an annual fixture of KCIM. The students of MBA, BBA and BCA compete in athletic events, cricket and fun sports. The aim of the event is to give the students an opportunity to show their skills, abilities and talent in outdoor activities.

Quiz Competition:

The KCIM organized a Business Quiz /DEBATE/ in which students of the college were tested in general awareness as well as their awareness in Business Management, Corporate Governance and IT.

Cultural Activities:

The College celebrated the Fresher’s Day in a befitting manner. Existing students of the college welcomed the new students who joined in MBA, BBA and BCA classes. The event organized by the seniors witnessed cultural activities performed by both the seniors and juniors.

Industrial Visits:

Industrial visits are an integral part of the college in which all the students participate. The industrial visit provides an insight into how companies work and also provide the students useful information related to the curriculum which cannot be visualized during classroom lectures.


Seminars by prominent personalities are conducted regularly in the campus for over all personality development of students. Seminar system familiarizes students more extensively with the subject and also allows them to interact with practical problems and examples that occur during work. Seminar on Time Management by Mr.Tanmay pant RATM and Seminar of How To Face Interviews successfully by Dr. S.S.Nair.

Quest Lecture:

The Institute is maintaining a close and regular interaction with the Industry as well as Academia to discuss the emerging issues. Eminent persons both from the Industry as well as Academia are invited to inspire; train and develop our students as well as faculty. We Organized a Guest Lecturers in our institution to develop our students as well as faculty.

Industrial Visits Snaps


College Rules

The students are advised to keep themselves aware of the following college rules. Ignorance of rules shall not be an excuse for violation.

  • Every student is required to keep with him/her, identity card available from the college library and show the same on demand.
  • Since college work is regulated mostly through notices put on notice board, students must look up the notice board at least twice, once at the commencement of the day and later before their departure from the college. Ignorance about a notice shall not be entertained as an excuse for its non- compliance.
  • Ragging of any student inside or outside the campus is strictly prohibited. Indulgence in ragging will lead to strict disciplinary action and May tantamount to registration of a police case.
  • It will be responsibility of the student to keep the college informed about any change in the address and telephone number of his/her parents of guardians.
  • Use of Mobile phone in the classrooms and adjoining corridors is strictly prohibited.
  • Late arrival and early departure at or from a class are recorded as absence from the class.
  • Any student whose attendance falls short of 75% he/she will be debarred from appearing in the semester examination.
  • Students are expected to observe decorum and pay due respect to the faculty and supporting staff. Every member of the staff has authority to forbid disorderly behavior with in the college.
  • No responsibility will be accepted by the college for any injury, loss or damage to the personal articles of students.
  • The students at the college require attention and diligence. A student neglecting his / her studies and having unsatisfactory progress will be given two warnings after which if he/ she fails to improve, he/she will be liable for expulsion from the college.
  • Students shall observe all safety precautions. The college is not responsible for any accident, of whatever nature, in the college, hostel, workshop, and playground and during summer training and industrial training or educational tour/trip.
  • Students will not operate any machinery / equipment without the permission of the instructor.
  • A student who wishes to withdraw from the college must do so formally in writing and his/ her application should be counter signed by his/her Father/ Guardian.
  • Participation in curricular, co-curricular activities, games and community work is compulsory for all the students. Defaulters will be fined Rs.10/- per day.
  • No student is allowed to accept any kind of employment during the course of training.
  • Rules regarding discipline, payment of fees, grant of leave and use of library must be strictly observed.
  • The Principal has the power and discretion to impose or remit fine.
  • Students may note that fees once paid will not be refunded/ adjusted.
  • Students are permitted to form and carry on only such associations or clubs at the college as have been sanctioned by the Director-Principal.
  • Students claiming benefits/ concessions on medical grounds are required to submit medical certificate from a govt. hospital or dispensary. The certificate should be submitted by student concerned within a week of rejoining the College after illness. However in such cases there will not be any relaxation in the minimum attendance requirement to appear in the PTU semester examination.
  • The name of the student who fails to submit the university examination form for the semester in which he/she is studying without the approval of the Director-Principal shall be removed from the College rolls.
  • Any student who fails to clear all the dues including hostel shall be debarred from appearing in semester examination.
  • Students are advised to utilize their vacant period in the study of magazines and newspapers in the reading room.
  • Students are advised not to avoid use of ornaments cosmetics etc during their stay in the college.
  • Any student found under the influence of intoxication of alcohol/drugs in the College or in the Hostel is liable to strict disciplinary action which may be up to expulsion from the College.
  • During the training period no student shall attend or take part in any anti government, anti college or other political/subversive activity.
  • Loud talking, loitering or congregating in the verandas, being a source of distraction and annoyance to others is not permitted.
  • Students must not crowd at the entrance of the classrooms.
  • All breaches of college discipline and long absence without leave shall be punishable to the extent of expulsion.
  • Misconduct shall be severely dealt with and may result in rustication or expulsion. A student may be called upon to withdraw from the college if in Principal's opinion his/ her continued stay is not conductive to his/her well-being and detrimental to the interest of the college.
  • Political and unauthorized meetings, demonstrations of all kinds and sale or organized distribution of books, pamphlets, posters in the college premises etc. are strictly prohibited.
  • The Principal has got the unfettered discretion to make changes in the rules and regulations at any time.
  • All college and hostel dues and securities will be realized at the time of admission. University/Govt. dues will be realized at the time of registration and issuing University Roll No’s. Fines will be realized at the end of the session.
  • Condonation of shortage of lecturers is Principal’s discretion and not a student’s right.

Library Rules

The College offers well-equipped library and spacious reading room. The students are expected to make maximum use of library. Each bonafide student is a member of college library.

  • The students are expected to observe perfect silence in the library and not disturb others in any way. on-transferable library –cum-identity cards are issued to all the students and books can be got issued only on these cards. Students are required to get identity cards within fortnight after paying their dues of admission. Two copies of their passport size photographs should be handed over to librarian. Loss of the card should be immediately reported to the librarian who will issue a duplicate card on payment of Rs.100 only.
  • Two books which can be borrowed at a time.
  • Books reserved for the staff members, reference books, textbooks and current periodicals shall not be issued except for consultation within the library premises.
  • The library books may be retained by the students for a period of 7 days after which they must be returned or get re-issued, the latter depending on the discretion of the librarian. A fine of Rs. 1 per volume per day is charged for the books after two weeks of issue.
  • Books borrowed from the library must be returned to the librarian and on no account be passed on to others.
  • Leave from the college does not imply non-return of the books. The book may be returned to the library by post under registered cover, if necessary.
  • Students responsibility will not be over until the books are shown as returned on the library card. Students are advised to be very careful in getting the signatures of the librarian on their cards while returning books.
  • If the book is found defaced or damaged in any way at time of returning to library the last borrower will be required to pay its price as damage.
  • Borrowers shall return all the books to the library at the time of Annual Stock Taking.
  • All the books along with the borrower’s card must be returned to the library before the Roll Numbers for the Annual Examination are issued to the students.
  • The library is for the use of all. If any body is found guilty of removing any book, magazine or a portion of it from the library, he/she will be severely dealt with.

Training & Placement

In Addition to the various facilities of KCIM, the Institution has got a separate Cell for Training and Placement with motto of training the students and inviting the companies for Campus Recruitment. The Training and Placement Cell was established with a strong attitude to get the placement in prestigious companies while studying in the Campus itself. Leading companies WILL visit the campus and select the students. Training is given to the students in taking aptitude tests and technical test.

T & P Support

The Placement Cell in our Institute is taking care of in-plant training, apprentice training along with placement activities & is headed by a well experienced Placement and Training Officer to Assist the students in career guidance, placement and to liaison with Business Institutions and Industries. It helps the students to develop contacts with the companies, while undergoing on the job training and doing their project work and for final placement in reputed industries and organization. The Training and Placement Cell at KCIM provides personal and career related support to its students. The idea is to enable students to effectively cope with life at College and later in their career as well.

Courses Offered


To get full details knowledge of couses and sylabus download the following files:


(a) Students will have the option of taking two specialization fields. Under each Specialization, they will opt for three courses in third semester and one in fourth Semesters.

(b) Industries Visits will be integral part of the course structure.

(c) Instruction to the paper setters:-
Set ten (10) questions in all, two questions from each unit. The students are required to attempt five (5) questions in all, selecting one question from each unit.

(d) Evaluation:-
1. Each paper will carry 100 marks of which 40 will be for internal assessment and remaining 60 for written examination. The duration of written examination for each paper shall be three hours.

2. The internal assessment marks shall be based on factors such as:-
1. Participation in seminars, case discussion, and group work activities
2. Class test, quizzes, individual and group oral presentation
3. Submission of written assignments, term papers and viva-voce.
4. Class-Room, Participation, Attendants, etc.

The weightage given to each of these factors shall be decided and announced at the beginning of the semester by individual faculty member responsible for the paper.

3. The Scheme of evaluation of project studies/Viva/Training Report shall be as follows:-

A. Marks for evaluation of paper 208 and 405 i.e. Viva-Voce, paper 404, project study report and paper 303, on the job training report, will be 100 each.
B. On – the – job Training report and project study reports will be submitted by the students at the end of 4th semester.
C. On the job training report and project study report will be evaluated by an external examiner. Director – IMS shall appoint examiner (s). An Examination board including director(IMS), an external Examiner, and a faculty member of IMS will hold Viva voce examinations.


There will be a six to eight week industrial training program with any commercial or non commercial institute after 2nd semester.


HP University conducts examination after completion of each semester. For odd semesters the examinations are held in the month of Nov/Dec and for even semesters the examinations are conducted in May/June each year. Internal assessments of students are conducted through internal examinations held by the college schedule for which will be announced in the course calendar of the college.


(i) Attendance As per University norms a minimum 75% attendance is compulsory to become eligible for appearing in the examination. Any student who does not attend 75% lectures will not allowed to take in the final examination conducted by the university.

(ii) Laptops MBA is a professional course involving heavy reading and research. Every student of MBA must possess a laptop. Financial assistance for the laptop for the needy students can be made available by the management through banks on the request from parents/ students.


The institute has a training and placement cell under the able and professional leadership of Mr. Girish Vats who has immense hands on experience in the field for the placements of the students after the completion of their course of study.


A journal of Management and Technology named “TECHMAN” is brought out annually in which students are expected to contribute.


As per HP University/AICTE Norms


The above mentioned tuition fee waiver will be given to meritorious students at the time of admission in the first semesters only. However in the subsequent semesters the above mentioned tuition fee waiver will be given on declaration of semester result subject to the condition that the student continuously keeps getting 75% and above marks in external examinations with no supplementary in the external examination. If a student fails to get 75 marks in any external examination he/she will not be eligible for any fee waiver in the subsequent semesters.




The student leaving the college/hostel may claim the security by 31st December of the same year. The security after this date will lapse and shall be transferred to college development fund.

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