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Seminar on "Green Building" In KC Polytechnic College

A seminar was organized in civil engineering department at K C Polytechnic College Nawanshahr. Prof. VishavPrem HOD Civil Engineering Department ( KCCEIT) delivered the lecture to 6th semester students. Topic of the lecture was "Green Building" in which they told to the students that as an environmental point of view and to opt maximum renewable resources Green Building id the most affective way. In this, construction is totally based on renewable resources such as replacement of cement with fibers (hairs), coconut hairs, useless concrete etc.). Prof VishavPrem also told the students about the use of non-conventional sources of energy such as solar power, wind energy etc.
Principal R.K. Moom , HOD Er. N K Soni and staff members Er. Ashwani Kumar, Er. Alka Sharma, Er. Ravinderjit Singh were also present during the lecture. Principal also thanks to Prof. VisavPrem for sharing his valuable thoughts with students.