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Seminar on Applied Mathematics at KC Polytechnic College

Subject on Algebra of topic matrix - Monika Parihar
16th Feb, 2018

A seminar was organized on Mathematics at KCPC in Applied Science Department under the guidance of Principal R.K Moom. In this seminar Ms.Monika Parihar lecturer in Applied Mathematics delivered a lecture on Algebra of topic matrix In this topic she discussed the best methods and techniques to solve the different equations in simple manners .She explained how it can be used effectively while working and in social life. She also discussed about basic operations of Algebra that are Division,Multiplication,Addition and Subtraction.The students from all the branches of Applied Science -Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Communication, Civil, IT, Auto Mobile Engineering attended the seminar and asked a few questions to clear their doubts and given their views also. On this occasion Principal R.K Moom, and all the HODs and staff members were also present.