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Academic Achievements of results in KC Polytechnic College Nawanshahr

"Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard"- Principal R.K.Moom

Our professionals works hard in their functional areas for the better achievements in every field and these results are the best instance for their work hard.The students of KC Polytechnic college Nawanshahr have been placed in merit list and stood on first position in the college in May 2018 Examination of Punjab State Board Of Technical Education and Industrial Training. In Mechanical Engineering course student Raja Kumar Dass of fourth sem got 803 marks out of 900 (89.2%),Raja Babu got 635 marks out of 900 (70.5 %). On the other hand Automobile Engineering sixth sem student also raise up the name of College , Teachers and their Parents. Student Pawan Kumar Pal got the 694 marks (76.3%) and stood on the first position in the college,student Bikkar Singh got 584 marks and stood on second position in the college.

Furthermore; Electrical Engineering student Keshav Kumar got 641 marks out of 800 (80.2%) placed on first position , student Lakashdeep got 611 marks out of 800 (76.37%) placed on second position ,student Vishal Chand got 609 marks out of 800 (76.12%)stood on third position in the college. Along with these development students of Computer Engineering 3rd and 5th semester paid their efforts towards this reputed organization. Fifth Sem student Saurav Kumar got 765 marks out of 800 (95.62%) stood on 1st position ,Tanya Jaswal stood on 2nd position having with 699 marks out of 800 (83.62%),Stanzin Gurmit placed on 3rd position got 666 marks (83.25%). Third sem student Neerja got 653 marks out of 800 (81.63%) stood on 1st position in the college, student Gurpreet kaur got 597 marks (74.62%).

Moreover; Chairman , Vice Chairman, CEO of KCGI, Er. R.K Moom(Principal), Er.Parminder Kumar( HOD ME/AE) Er. N.K.Soni(HOD CIVIL) , Er. Jyoti Chopra(HOD CSE), Er. Harpreet Kaur(HOD EE) ,Ms. Monika Parihar( HOD Applied Science) and all the faculty members of Polytechnic College congratulated the students on this outstanding performance and blessed them to maintain the status in future also.