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Guest lecture On Electrostatic at KC Polytechnic College Nawanshahr

"A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievements"- Ms. Rajwinder Kaur

As a part of the activity of innovation/project Lab the department of Applied Science Organised an extention lecture by Ms. Rajwinder Kaur on the topic of �ELECTROSTATIC� on 05-02-2019 under the guidance of Principal R.K. Moom. All the students of 2nd semester in Applied Science Department attended the lecture. In her address Ms. Rajwinder Kaur delivered lecture on electrostatic .She told that electrostatic is the branch of physics in which we deal with charge at rest.In this lecture students gain basics knowledge of electronics.There are two types of charges and how flow of these charges responsible for the generation of current.Students also learnt about Coulomb�s Law which teach us about how voltage and current varies with each other and why 1.5 V cell runs a TV remote easily but not able to run a television.Students also learnt about the electric field and electric field lines which is used in our daily life.For example cooling fan in our computers,motors in our washing machines,etc. On this occasion Er.R.K Moom (Principal), Ms. Monika Parihar (HOD Applied Science) , Lect. Namita, Lect. Narinder Kumar were also present in this lecture.