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KC Group of Institutions from Nawanshahr India has organized World Environment Day

5th June is World Environment day. Today was the 50th Anniversary.

"Saving the environment is not an issue, it is a survival truth."

Saving Environment is not a stumbling block, it’s the endurance of life. Resources make life possible on earth. Without sunshine, air, water, and vegetation, life is not possible. By greed and selfishness of humans, the earth is continuously degrading its resources like air, water, and forests.

Air pollution, water pollution, land degradation, and deforestation have been caused due to man’s actions. When air, water, land, and vegetation come under threat by human activities, all life form, including man are under peril.

Environment refers to natural surroundings. It a gift of god to human beings. Unfortunately, this Gift is Undergoing serious threat due to Human Activities. Most Noteworthy, this damage is causing risks to the survival of living beings. Therefore, it’s essential to Save Environment. Planting trees should be given massive attention. Above all, a tree is the source of oxygen. Unfortunately, due to construction, many trees have been cut down. This certainly reduces the amount of oxygen in the environment. Growing more trees means more oxygen. Hence, growing more trees would mean better life quality.