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Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

With globalization of the Indian economy, vast opportunities of growth have been thrown open for the computer software and hardware industry. Software being one of the largest growing sectors of the Indian economy, the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the KCCEIT, Nawanshahr has been at the front position of churning out software engineers with a high competence of technical skill. It continues to foster and provoke the innovation and breadth of vision necessary to excel in the flourishing software industry. The experienced faculty exposes the would be computer engineers to a meticulous and comprehensive curriculum designed to bring out the best in them and to keep them in contact with the latest state of the art technology. Besides imparting academic knowledge, a lot of stress is laid on hands-on training and overall, development of the individual’s personality. The teaching programs have been devised keeping in view close interaction with the industry. The proficiency of the department is reflected in the growing demand for its fresh graduates. The ample of recruiting companies has multiplied many fold in the last few years. A few alumni of the department are offering their expertise in the US with companies like MICROSOFT, SEAGATE etc.

The department strongly believes that neither the industry, nor the academic alone have the assets to adequately deal with the quest for innovative excellence in this field of computers, for global competitiveness. Hence the Institute-Industry interface programs allow the students to interact regularly with the industries. Equal importance is given to the classroom learning which is meant primarily for the theoretical or conceptual inputs of facts on a variety of projects. The department has excellent computing facilities which include Pentium based computer systems, scanners, servers, multimedia kits, robotics lab.


To achieve excellence in Computer Science & Engineering education to benefit the industry and ultimately to society.


  • To develop excellent computing infrastructure to impart technical knowledge in field of Computer Science and Engineering.
  • To build leaders of future in the area of CSE who can survive in the technology driven competitive environment.
  • To prepare students for professional career or higher studies.

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