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Indian Knowledge System

The National Education Policy 2020 lays emphasis on the promotion of Indian Languages, Arts and Culture, and tries to remove this discontinuity in the flow of Indian Knowledge System by integrating IKS into the curriculum at all levels of education. In order to facilitate a seamless integration of Indian traditional knowledge with modern subjects, UGC has come up with with'Guidelines for Training of Faculty on IKS’. These guidelines will inspire the faculty in higher education institutions of the country to generate a positive attitude, explore, and undertake quality research on IKS, and herald a new era in higher education ecosystem of the country in the light of NEP 2020. The IKS guidelines will be a part of the training modules under “Malviya Mission" and will be considered under the CAS scheme as per the UGC regulations

The guidelines are available on the UGC website. All the Higher Education Institutions are requested to take necessary steps to follow the guidelines to facilitate seamless integration of Indian traditional knowledge with modern subjects.