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On 24 Dec 2010, KC Group of Institutions have completed their nine years of glorious service in the field of education. The period that we left behind was marked by origin, growth, development and consolidation. The decade ahead will be known by diversification, brand building and maturing into our natural progression to a university excelling in higher learning, training and R & D. This can not be achieved without firming up objectives and goals for the future and a set of clear vision and mission. Noble and profound vision and missions can be achieved only if a positive, energetic and dynamic corporate and organizational culture is provided. The 20 landmarks we have ordained for our self to be achieved by 2020 that are enunciated below are both a safe profile of the group, its vision, mission & culture and a guaranteed road map that we intend to follow.

1. To grow and emerge as a major positive stake-holder in the knowledge society of tomorrow by shaping and developing learners of today into effective and socially responsible individuals with manifest leadership abilities in all walks of life.

2. Accelerated penetration of affordable quality education of a general, technical and professional nature that is interdisciplinary, across a wide spectrum of learners of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh with special focus on its rural population.

3. To create and sustain productive business organizations in the field of higher education that are self driven with its own energy and force and grow with their internal urge and desire where individuals feel pride and pleasure to be part of, in their effort to self actualize.

4. To recruit and retain a pool of motivated faculty, carefully selected for their competence, engaged in application oriented teaching that chisels and polishes energetic and receptive young minds into professionals well heeled in the basics of technology and management.

5. A ragging free campus environment that allows the fresher to embark upon the serious business of learning from day one while enjoying the pleasures of socializing and widening their horizon without fear.

6. A proactive forward looking and humane administrative system akin to military precision and efficiency that ensures optimal, if not ideal, utilization of resources - men, material, time and money guaranteeing forward delivery of resources with the users never having to look over their shoulders for them. Provide a relaxed atmosphere that allows positive energy to multiply and permeate throughout the campus, thus giving fertile soil for the seeds of knowledge, information, skills and attitude to germinate and grow.

7. Focus on soft skill training leading to personality development that enhances the employ-ability quotient of the students and to open up as many avenues as possible for application oriented learning, Research & Development and industry interaction in order to ensure direct absorption of students into industry.

8. Institute degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic credentials and distinctions on a merit based selection, training and examination and supported by self imposed ordinances of quality control ensuring that the standards of these credentials are levels higher than those laid down by regulatory agencies.

9. Consolidate and build on the current reputation and create the KC Brand in the field of education. Diversify and broad band our products with multiple quality brands in offer for our patrons to choose from and offer maximum utility and value for money for each one of them.

10. Functional autonomy to the institutions within the general frame work of rules and regulations thereby allowing creative independence to the Directors/ Principals and faculty to interpret and implement curriculum content to the best & contemporary needs of the students.

11. With India poised to play a vital role in the field of technology & management, the group has identified core and emerging fields like pharmaceuticals, food processing, hospitality tour, travel & ticketing, journalism, animation and graphics technology multimedia production & management, retail & service management, actuary & insurance management, agro technology, nano-technology, bio-technology, bio-informatics and nuclear technology as the potential thrust areas to focus on in coming years.

12. Despite creating word class infrastructure and related systems in the field of technical education, we have not succeeded to produce thinking engineers and managers with conviction on sustainable development and in development with a human face. KC Group mission is to produce technically and professionally competent engineers, managers and other skilled skin ware having sensitivity for the cause of the nation and also having adequate enthusiasm for producing indigenous technology and management strategies suited for us especially to our economically and socially not so developed rural areas.

13. Update the curriculum regularly; add new domain specific courses to meet the needs of the society there by keeping the institutions dynamic, current and contemporary and at the same time providing entrepreneurship opportunities and flexible options to the students.

14. Sustain the noble and human face of education and offer resource assistance to meritorious students so that their socio-economic disadvantage is not reflected in their pursuit of knowledge.

15. Complement curricular delivery systems with virtual class rooms, smart classes, video conferences and guest lectures and also by ensuring a 24 x 7 Wi-Fi passage to the information and knowledge highway.

16. Develop and sustain a genuine realistic placement system with student, faculty, institution and industry interface and successfully manage the system with assured high yield.

17. Encourage entrepreneurship among students and promote commercialization of students & faculty innovations.

18. Pedagogy updating and gradation through regular seminars and workshops to educate students and faculty.

19. Move steadily towards a regime of accreditation and standards for all our programs and institutions ensuring quality controls at all stages of the process.

20. Continuously drive home among the students, faculty and others in the immediate environment the lessons of sustainable development and the need for clean & green technology for the safety & security of our future.

Great ideas and ideals are seldom achieved in isolation. Collective action of creative minds, functioning in harmony, under able transformational leadership is an essential prerequisite for this. KC group is a house with windows and doors wide open so that winds of knowledge, information, and a culture moored in our civilization, can blow in unabated and ignite our minds.

Join us in our efforts to transform the coming decade into one of great advances and achievements.