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The full-time faculty members of the college are highly experienced, qualified and totally committed to the students community. The fact remains that the future of students as well nation depends upon what they impart. They are on a threshold of branching out in the their lives and career. Hence we almost filter the capabilities of the faculty before handing over the reins of the future of our students. Students are guided towards achieving excellence not only in studies but also towards shaping their overall outlook.

Peculiar teaching methods are charted and strictly followed. Regular meetings are conducted with the students outside the classrooms for free and frank dialogue to improve communication skills and eradicate the mindsets. The college puts great emphasis on faculty development programs to widen the range of vision.

High-Tech Campus

Institutes is offering its students the best in high-tech learning. The college network serve as a platform for e-learning and audio visual tools as well as a high-tech building management system to create an "intelligent building".

The building is wireless-enabled so students and staff can access the network wherever they are. The idea behind that is to create flexibility.


K C Group of Institutes owns a fleet of spacious and luxurious transport buses that picks and drops the students as well the faculty from different places of the Hoshiarpur, Nangal, Ludhiana, Machiwara. Our transportation facility covers a range of places making it easy and convenient for the students to commute.

All our buses are luxurious and modern, spacious enough to give our students a splendid and comfortable travel experience while travelling to and from the college. The bus fees are charged yearly and it is mandatory for the students to carry their bus pass while travelling. The students must check with the transportation department regarding the routes and pick and drop time to avoid inconvenience.

All drivers of our buses are licensed, professional and experienced. They are background tested and very well know the speed they must maintain. They take the responsibility of bringing the students and faculty to the college on time and leave on time. We make sure to get our fleet of vehicles serviced yearly to avoid any incident. Safety of our students and faculty is our prime concern and we take all safety measures to make sure that our students travel safe back to their homes after studying hard in the college.


A Lot can happen over a table of College Canteen There is an ultra-modern and professionally run canteen on the campus. The students in their free schedule can relax in canteen and can have healthy and hygienically prepared tasty food and refreshment. The canteen remains open during the working hours of the college. It is a favourite haunt of the students during the tea break and lunch break. The staff managing the canteen is a group of soft spoken and gentle professionals in the field of hospitality.


KC Group of institutions have ATM of Punjab National Bank with 24*7 services.


Considering the fitness and health of our students and faculty, K C Group of Institutes, provides advanced gymnasium, well-equipped with state of the art fitness equipment and exercise machines within the campus. There are trainers and instructors who train the staff and students to stay fit and healthy. The gymnasium is centrally air conditioned, properly ventilated with optimum light and air.

You can play music in your ears and get on the runner or exercise cycle and work out. The trainers at our gymnasium are well experienced and professionals who guide our students with special tips to stay fit. They can even guide you towards a healthy living style.

We are very well realize that apart from serious studies, exercise is also a prominent activity in the life of students. It not just keeps them fit physically but also psychologically. We support our students to spend some of their time at the gym and gain good health for a better life. This also helps them keep their mind fresh and rejuvenated after prolonged hours of study.


This is the 21st century era and it truly belongs to the Web Information. Internet in this century forms the backbone for everyone in different aspects of life. Acknowledging this need as well as importance in today's world particularly in education domain in Trust Institutions, is well supported by round the clock Wi-Fi Facility. Our high speed internet facility throughout the campus helps the students of Trust Institutions surf the web from their classrooms, canteen or their hostel rooms. Through this they have more chances to gain knowledge and extract unlimited information.

The students can access the internet through their laptops, i-pad or any other hand held devices. Our spacious classrooms and computer labs with impeccable ambience are equipped with latest computer hardware and software. The students can make sure of this facility which is offered 24*7 and gather information which adds to their knowledge bank. Through internet they can research infinite content for their assignments, make presentations of professional caliber, look out for different job opportunities when they are near to their completion of studies, gather information of corporate world, attain notes online and finally make such a flourishing career that it sets them apart from most of the other college going students.

We provide our students freedom to leverage this opportunity for their betterment. We truly wish that by using the Wi-Fi enabled campus, they will succeed in their career.


K C Group of Institutes understands that most of students move away from their homes to make a mark in their career. Considering this, we too make it our aim to provide them with the best accommodation facility at our campus. Our hostels are well equipped with all facilities there by helping the students get comfortable within the campus itself. 

Apart from providing comforts of all levels, we ensure safety of our students. We offer separate superlative hostels for girls and boys. Each of our hostel is administered under the supervisions of hostel warden. Designed spaciously, all rooms have ample light and air. There are arrangements for games and sports and a sophisticated gym has been installed for physical fitness of students. Mess facilities are provided under the guidance of experienced cook who makes sure that the students get nutritious and hygienic meals.

  • Homely and healthy atmosphere
  • Hot water supply in winter seasons
  • Canteen is open till late hours
  • Dining room well equipped with mess facility
  • Center gymnasium
  • Semi furnished rooms with washrooms
  • WiFi Facility in rooms
  • Optimum ventilation and lighting facility

With all these facilities, we make sure that our students focus much on their studies and perform well in their career for it is our aim to help each student distinguish himself in his accomplishment. As the number of seats in the hostels is limited, the students are advised to apply for admission to the hostel immediately after completing admission formalities.



The laboratories of KC Institutes constitute the very arteries of its uniqueness and strength. These laboratories are spacious, innovatively designed and provided with the best equipment ever available anywhere in the country. The list of laboratories can be had from the respective pages of Colleges.


The College Library has large area and accommodates about 200 students for reference work at any time. The Library has number of volumes of books and maintains open access facility for students and staff members, which include Books, Magazines, Periodicals and Scientific Journals (National / International).

The Library has a reprographic section to meet the requirements of students and staff. The college provides high speed leased line (2 Mpbs) internet facility with wi-fi connection.

The college library also provides

  • Internet Facility
  • Audio visual facility
  • E- Journals

A Library is a collection of information, sources, resources and services. In this repository of knowledge, the information is acquired, processed, arranged and disseminated. The main objective of any Library is to cater to the academic needs of the users.


The Library is pretty rich in its collection of books catering to most of the branches of knowledge especially in engineering, management studies and computer application. There is a collection of more than 12000 books (Text, References and General) in the Library. The periodical section enjoys the subscription of 90 journals and 30 magazines (technical and general) along with the prominent dailies.

Reading Area

It has a sitting capacity of about 200 students at a time. The reading area has been divided into two sections. One is with the storage area in the basement and other is a reading hall on the ground floor.


Library strictly follows the management principle i.e. the spirit of personal and independent studies for the enrichment of intellectual faculties. Therefore, library services are available from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm for the issue and return of the books.


Library has open shelf system keeping in mind the objective of easy access to the documents. All the books have been arranged subject-wise.

Special Features

  • Air conditioned Reading Hall which is open for 12 hours a day throughout the year including Sundays & Holidays.
  • Fully computerized, having its own Database with Bibliographical search facilities.
  • It provides more than 30,000 text and reference books along with periodicals and National & International journals.
  • Fee concession is also given for semester fee, exam fee, hostel fee etc to the deserving the poor students.

Computer Lab

The primary goal of a well-equipped computer lab at KC Group of Institutions is to provide our students with assistance that enhances their possibilities of succeeding in their assignments. Completely air conditioned lab has systems which are interconnected via high-speed LAN that further has hubs and switches – manageable and unmanageable.

Our computer lab provides the students as well as faculty with high bandwidth internet speed thereby making them proficient in keeping themselves abreast of all the advanced technological developments that happen around the world. One doesn't have to worry about the power cuts too, as the college computer lab is equipped with powerful backup 24*7. Our college is WiFi Enabled, which helps the students work on their assignments from anywhere in the campus. The computer lab remains open from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm, and after that WiFi proves to be of advantage to the students.

Our round the clock WiFi facility makes sure that the students at our campus surf the net, gathering knowledge to their best, apply to their assignments and stand out of the crowd of other college students.

We encourage our students to carry out deeper research for their projects. Through this, they can build their hands on experience and upgrade their learning skills. KC Group of Institutions has advanced computer lab to train our students practically. Ample time is allotted to all students along with optimum lab exposure.