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Red Cross De-addiction Center organized awareness seminar in KC Pharmacy College

If every person loves himself, then he can never get addicted to drugs - Mr. Chaman Singh

Nawanshahr, 09 May
An awareness seminar on De-addiction was organized jointly by the Red Cross De-addiction and Rehabilitation Center and the Health Department at KC College of Pharmacy, located on Karyam Road. Health Department District Coordinator Behavior Change Mr. Mang Gurprasad, Project Director Mr. Chaman Singh, Counselor Ms. Kamaljeet Kaur attended as keynote speaker. First of all, Counselor Kamaljeet Kaur told the drug De-addiction and rehabilitation center that 15 patients are undergoing treatment for drug withdrawal at present. The drug addicts get jokingly with small sips of intoxicants which end with their life till their last breath. His center provides full help in giving up drugs. Project Director Mr. Chaman Singh said that every human being needs to love himself first, a person who loves himself, loves his parents, cannot be addicted to drugs. Problems come to every human being in their lifespan, their solution is not intoxication, its solution can be found by consultation amongst themselves, elders and gurus. Mr. Mang Gurprasad said that drug addicts increase crime, robbery and misery in homes. Every human being should come forward to give up intoxication. A cash secret reward of Rs 50,000 has also been kept by the district administration for catching the suppliers of drugs. He said that today's youth and society have become accustomed to mobile phones. This can lead to poor eyesight, loss of vision and memory loss. In the end, Nisha, the head of the pharmacy college, said that a person should do social service work while staying away from intoxication in any way. Any person who is intoxicated should be admitted to the drug de-addiction centre. In the end everyone took a vow not to take drugs and help others. Himani, Lovepreet Singh, Rajpreet, Shashank, Sanjana, Nisha Gill and PRO Vipan Kumar were present on the occasion.